4x Black & Green Alloy Wheel Center caps voor de New Land Rover Defender L663

59,00 Excl. btw / Ex Vat


Land Rover New Defender L663 Centre Caps


Geef je New Defender L663 een upgrade met deze gave New Defender Wheel caps.
Vervang je huidige centre caps of puur ter verfraaiing van je Defender.

Voorzien van chrome en metallic groen Land Rover logo in het midden met een zwarte achtergrond en een chrome randje.

Originele land rover centre caps.

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This listing is for a set of 4 genuine new “Land Rover” wheel centre caps for a Land Rover New Defender L663.

The listing is for a new kit of 4 wheel centers.

This kit is idea if you have damaged or missing wheel centers or simply want to upgrade your wheels.

These centre caps have the chrome and metallic green Land Rover logo in the centre, with a black surround, and a chrome outer lip.

Overall diameter is 63mm and the clips will locate into a hole of approximately 51mm.

We also sell these as singles if you need an extra one for the spare wheel.

These are genuine Land Rover parts in retail packaging.

Fitting Details

Fitting is simply a question of pushing these into the hole in the center of your wheel.

If you already have wheel centers fitted we would recommend removing the wheel to remove the old centers so that you don’t damage the wheel or the old centre caps – why not clean your wheels at the same time